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The dissertation must necessarily comply with the list of strict rules in absolute accuracy. In compiling the work, the applicant is obliged to provide links to sources of borrowing materials and results, indicating also the authorship. Using ideas and developments obtained in collaboration with co-authors, the applicant in the text of the dissertation should focus on the fact that authorship of these separate fragments does not belong only to him; it is important to name the co-authors.

General rules for dissertation formatting, state that:

1. The content of the dissertation includes: the presentation of the scientific hypothesis, the introduction of the dissertation, the experimental section, the list of sources, the disclosure of research methods and results, a review of the literature in the dissertation.

2. Page Setup: portrait, A4.

3. Fields (top, bottom, right and left): 20 mm, 25, 10, 30.

1. The font is only Times New Roman 14. The interval is 1.5. The number “14” means the number of points. Such a system is used in the printing industry. The size of one item, if necessary, is easy to calculate, given that the English inch = 72 printing points.

2. Font saturation is the same for all segments of work, that is, do not use “fatness”.

3. The maximum font height is 1.8 mm.

4. The text should be placed only on one side of the sheet.

5. The volume of a candidate’s dissertation is not regulated by the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission, but conditionally it is considered sufficient – 100-150 pages. Sheets are numbered sequentially, in ascending order. All pages are numbered, excluding the title page of the dissertation; however, it is taken into account. That is, after him, on the next page you need to put “2”. Place the number in the fields in the upper corner. The title page of the dissertation contains data on the specialization, author, school, scientific leader of the author, the topic of work. Also on this page is the name of the dissertation.

6. If the text of the study is not in English, it should include another cover page (in the official language).

7. After putting the work, it is already impossible to make corrections to it. If errors or inconsistencies with the design rules are found in the dissertation, it will most likely be returned.