Essay generator

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Essay generator generates new texts. This type of program helps to reproduce texts.

Here are some types of essay generator:

1. SeoGenerator

Convenient online essay generator focused on SEO-optimizers, allows you to save time on routine operations, helping to generate anchors, names, texts. For these purposes, suitable for copywriters who select anchors, relevant headings and create from one blank many different articles.

Essay generator allows you to choose suitable synonyms, thanks to the built-in word analyzer. Its own synonymous base includes over a million words, simplifying the creation of templates for generating new texts. Duplicates are easy to remove, you can shuffle the results.

SEO Anchor Generator

The program, which is easy to use on your computer, it does not require installation, is ready to work immediately upon opening the executable file seo_ag.exe.

A prepared text-template is entered into the program window, parameters are set, the “Generate” button is pressed.

For a few seconds, the generator of unique texts gives the result in the next tab – several thousand options. Forcibly succeed similar, the rest are adjusted as needed (this process depends on the quality of the template).

The desktop version allows you to work with large texts, quickly searches for and deletes similar variants. It is able to remove random spaces before punctuation or put them after them. You can set a limited string length when composing anchors and names.

Two variants of generation: ordinal search or random generation. The result can be mixed and select a specified number of options. The “Word wrapping” option makes the text easier to edit and copy. In order not to get confused in the number of final results, they put a restriction (a tick against the option “Limit the number of options” and the required number).

“Auto correction” will give a finished look to all the resulting options. “Filtration” allows weeding out similar results. The result is saved in the specified folder as a file with the extension .txt. The result is easy to save as different files – convenient for verification.

Creating a template

To speed up the processing of typed text there are special tools on the Toolbar.

When creating templates with a large number of variations, the “Input Wizard” will help; to call it you need to:

  • In the main menu of the program in the “Tools” option, select the last line of the “Input Wizard”.
  • Select the desired buttons (different type of brackets) on the Toolbar and click the bottom label.
  • Call the wizard by pressing Ctr + M on the keyboard.
  • In the “Preview” check the resulting template. If it is done satisfactorily, press the “Insert” button, the blank is inserted into the editable text.